Theo Macdonald

B. 1994

I am a New Zealand cartoonist/multimedia artist, based in Toronto.

In 2016 I completed a BFA (Hons) at Elam School of Fine Arts, working in video, text, and performance. For three years I co-produced the weekly radio show Artbank, on Auckland’s 95bFM. I co-founded the noise bands PISS CANNONN and 3 CHOCOLATIERS with Isabella Dampney.

My research interests include media history, narrative technologies, and video collage.

If I said my favourite R.E.M. album was anything but Automatic For the People (1992), I’d be lying.

Select Exhibitions:

Stop the World from Spinning (group), KNULP (Sydney) 2018

Heart of Glass (With Isabella Dampney), Enjoy Public Art Gallery (Wellington) 2018

Works for Loudspeakers #15 (group), Pyramid Club (Wellington) 2018

The Tomorrow People
(group), Adam Art Gallery (Wellington) 2017

Bella and Theo IDEATE! (with Isabella Dampney), RM (Auckland) 2017

New Perspectives (group), Artspace New Zealand (Auckland) 2016

Is it the Beginning of a New Age? (group), The Engine Room (Wellington) 2016

I Think We Should Put Some Mountains Here (with Isabella Dampney), Rockies

(Auckland) 2016

Avoiding Climax: Bella and Theo Understand it Better but the Frog Dies (with Isabella

Dampney), Window Gallery (Auckland) 2016

Group Shower (group), Fuzzy Vibes (Auckland) 2015

GO OUT STAY IN GET THINGS DONE, Inky Palms (Auckland) 2015

Disco Mystic, YES COLLECTIVE (Auckland) 2014

Select Publications:

“Atlas,” Cool Customer Volume 2, 2019 (forthcoming)

“Handbags,” Stone Fruit #2, 2019 (forthcoming)

“Older (1996),” FEELS #9, 2019 (forthcoming)

“Fitzcarraldo,” Dear Movies #4, 2019

“Sweet Lorraine,” Dear Movies #3, 2019

“Spider in the Sugar Bowl,” HAMSTER #3, 2019

“A Star is a Seed,” SADO Vol. 2, 2019

“Christina Barton Speaks: an interview with Christina Barton” (with Isabella Dampney),

Heart of Glass Exhibition catalogue, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, 2018.

“Private Joy,” Aotearotica Vol. 5, 2018

“Drawn Conclusions,” Metro Magazine, ongoing


“Shirley Jackson: Scenes from her life,” HAMSTER #1, 2017

“Francisco Lopez - Snippets and Excerpts,” Writing Around Sound #3, 2016